Management Profile

Why you can feel confident in choosing Deen Properties, Inc. to manage your property.

If you have attempted to manage a property on your own, you know what a demanding, time-consuming, sometimes unprofitable task it can be.  If you have not experienced this, you can imagine the specialized knowledge required.  It takes management skills, to include precise accounting, the endless details and, the unexpected time involved.  The distance between you and the property compounds these difficulties.  Having a professional manage your investment asset allows you freedom.  Still having the opportunity to participate in all decision making if you choose.

You've come to a decision:  you need professional management of your valuable property.  And, you want the best.

This portfolio will demonstrate that you have made the right choice.  Deen Properties, Inc. knows Hawaii - from a one bedroom condo, to a large apartment building with multiple units, or a million dollar home, we know and manage a wide range of real estate.

Who is Deen Properties, Inc.

We are a boutique company that provides unique service and treats you the client like you are number one, not just a number.  Experienced, professional and market presence you should expect of your property management company.

Deen Properties, Inc. has come to be regarded as one of the finest Property Managers in a wide range of properties.  Our experience encompasses fine single-family homes and condominiums as well as certain types of multi unit properties.


Foremost, the professionals at Deen Properties, Inc. will manage your property and specialize in that service to include assisting you when you are ready to sell or do a property tax exchange.  While our property management specialists can offer you the benefits of the entire Deen Properties, Inc. Management referral network, as well as outside networks, we are dedicated full-time property managers.

We know our business, and have in-depth experience in Property Management.

We also have other professionals in our property management department working to support us in accounting, administration and operations.

Market Presence

We know Hawaii.  We know it because we've been here a long time, and we've been right in the middle of the growth - particularly on Oahu.  We are up-to-the minute on property leasing, and are a major force in the leasing and management of quality residential properties.

Our referral network extends beyond the state and into the U.S. Mainland, Asia and throughout the Pacific Basin.  With this widespread network linked by computer and telecommunications systems, we are routinely able to locate and screen quality prospects for your property.

What Deen Properties, Inc. Does

We manage your property for your maximum return and peace of mind.  Our property management philosophy is simple:  we treat your property as if it were our own.

First, we have the skilled manpower.  We have a staff of support people, and we're close by, like neighbors.  Again, we know our market, inside and out, area by area, neighborhood by neighborhood.

This is where we live and work.  Our extensive referral network: our statewide, U.S. Mainland and international profile and reputation for performance, enables us to find and attract the very best tenant prospects.

Secondly, we screen these prospects further with the aid of RentCheck and other information services.  We negotiate the lease with the best possible terms for both you and the tenant - ensuring you receive maximum return of your investment.

We are available to help your tenant during the move-in and afterwards with cleaning, maintenance and other services, including repairs and emergencies, as needed.

Thirdly , as necessary, we recommend upkeep, maintenance and repairs that will keep your property in top condition - and able to command maximum rent.

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