Deen Properties, Inc. has served as my property management agent since 1993. During this time they have proven to provide honest, loyal and efficient continuous service over a long-term period.

In addition to the excellent working relationship I have with Deen Properties, Inc., they have demonstrated a constant striving to understand and accommodate my tenants' needs in a timely and professional manner. All problems are brought to my attention quickly, and resolved without incident.

As an out-of-state property owner, I feel confident that the management of my Hawaii rental units are in good hands. The quality of service received over the years has been superior, and I highly recommend this company to other potential clients.


Mallorie Jeong
Property Owner

Excellent service over the past 14 years. Loyal, honest, and professional in manner. All problems are handled promptly. Looking forward for more of the same.

S. Arashiro
Property Owner

I have been a satisfied client of Deen Properties, Inc. for over ten years now, and I have always been impressed with the conscientiousness of the service given me for handling my condominium rental property. Ms. Deen and associates have ensured that my property is always rented with minimal delay. I do not hesitate to recommend Deen Properties, Inc.

Norman C. Hall
Property Owner

My experience with Deen Properties, Inc. has been one of promptness, honesty and reliability in the handling of my investment property. Their cheerful cooperative attitudes are a pleasure to work with. Thank you Cecelia Ann Deen.

Randolph W. Scoville
Property Owner

Deen Properties, Inc. has been managing my two properties for over 6 years and have done an incredible job of keeping them leased. They always keep me informed of any new issues regarding my investments! They are a wonderful team!

David Meehan
Property Owner

Over the years Deen Properties, Inc. has provided excellent service. I have had no complaints. Any and all problems occurring with the property may it be plumbing, electrical or a problem with any appliances it's all handled with the least amount of effort on our part and with the least expense, which we greatly appreciate.

James and Roberta Reese
Property Owner

I have been very pleased with Deen Properties management of my property. Records have been flawlessly kept. Thank you! Also, all matters are done in a very timely manner.

Gena Zaros Nadeau
Property Owner

After a bad experience with a previous property manager, we were very concerned with who to hire next. Deen Properties have done a great job! Very attentive to every phase of managing our home. Thanks Cecelia!

Thomas L. and Helen L. Selfridge
Property Owner

Excellent service of the past decade and one half. Looking forward for more of the same.

Steve Arashiro
Property Owner

Deen Properties, Inc. runs a trustworthy, efficient operation. They are courteous and responsive to inquires.

Robert R. and Vera Locke
Property Owner

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to offer you a few remarks regarding my experience and opinion of working with Cecelia Ann Deen and Deen Properties, Inc., who have managed a multi-unit apartment building I own in Honolulu for the past eight and a half years. Cecelia Ann Deen was recommended to me by my attorney originally. All of us are veteran professionals with over twenty years experience each in the real estate industry in Hawaii.

We have found Cecelia to be a particularly effective property manager, and several skills make up that equation for us. She and her company have upgraded my building through a planned schedule of maintenance, as suggested by the owner, or as mutually agreed. The methodical improving of our building exterior and interiors has helped Cecelia maintain a considerably high occupancy at our property throughout a rather difficult rental market. Besides cost-effective and reliable repairs ongoing as needed, prompt attention has been given to any emergency repairs. I feel that my property has been cared for well and have peace of mind. These efforts have been made on my behalf with cooperativeness, and with awareness of our particular goals as owners.

On the leasing side of her duties, Cecelia is persistent and diligent. She has great skill in screening and interviewing prospective tenants. I have been very pleased to see this as an area of her expertise equal to the maintenance and repair side of management.

Although my association with Cecelia represented the first time I hired third party management for one of my investments, in my opinion Cecelia is one of the highest caliber of managers that I have worked with anywhere, and this includes large scale regional companies. The unexpected may arise in the course of property ownership, but I'm confident with Cecelia as manager that we stand the best chance of weathering any challenges. I enjoy working with her and would gladly put her in charge of other property should we acquire any in the future.



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