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Who Are We?

Deen Properties, Inc . was founded in May of 1990.  We are a boutique company that provides unique service and treats you the client like you are number one, not just a number.  Experienced, professional and market presence you should expect of your Real Estate company.

Why Deen Properties?

We found a need for a company such as Deen Properties, Inc. Why?  Because of people like you!  Although we welcome the rapid change and utilize those benefits from the growth of technology we are also experiencing a loss of the human connection.  We have chosen to remain a boutique company. One of our goals is to provide you the client with personal one-on-one service you desire and the integrity you deserve, along with the support of our fast growing technology. You the client benefit! It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

The company's foundation is based on performance, quality, high standards and most importantly we are passionate about helping people with one of the most important steps in their life.

We provide you with a sense of confidence that all is well, we know what security means ………a state or feeling of being free from fear or care.  We know when to listen and to understand what your desires or needs maybe.  To provide you with the necessary information relating to you and your particular need and guide you in the right direction so that you are able to make better decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is “Absolute unconditional commitment to the value enhancement of our client’s real estate through " Superior Customer Service", delivering exceptional quality, and uncompromising dedication from our company”.

You can consider us a friend in the business!  It's good to know someone who knows - and cares.

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