Marketing Plan

The first step of any successful marketing or management program is for the manager to obtain a thorough understanding of both the property and the clients’ goals of ownership.  These would include the current condition and history of the property, profile of the building, and particular concerns of the owner that is essential for thorough management.

Over the years we have found that it is extremely important to conduct a pre-marketing inspection of the property, preferably with the owner, to obtain this knowledge.  During the inspection, you as our, owner, will have the opportunity to meet with your property manager in person to discuss your goals with her.  You will also be able to utilize her expertise and experience in obtaining guidance in the preparation of your property for marketing to determining its rental range.  After this inspection and meeting, (based on experience, training, and knowledge of the current marketplace, your property manager will be able to effectively prepare the marketing program for you property).

In the past, renting a property was a simple matter of placing an ad and showing the property.  There are numerous factors influencing the market today. Among these are:  a fluctuating inventory of rentals affected strongly by tourism, new laws concerning landlord-tenant relations, discrimination laws, changing social requirements and the possible use of government rental assistance programs.

Presently, in addition to newspaper advertising and other industry publications, which is a major source of tenants, we also utilize various sources such as housing referral offices, building notices, realtor networking and other advertising media.  A very important source of tenants is our exposure within the real estate industry, which creates a constant flow of inquiries.

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